Meat Quality and Technical Services

CDPQ supports the industry in its objectives of pork product innovation and differentiation in the marketplace. For this purpose, a multidisciplinary team can intervene at different stages in the innovation process: experts in genetics, nutrition, herd management, economics, meat quality and meat processing.

Some of our achievements in this area
  • Studies that have led to a better understanding of the parameters influencing the sensory properties (taste, smell, juiciness, tenderness) of pork meat
  • Development of Canadian quality standards, e.g. on the colour, marbling, water holding capacity, and firmness of the meat

Continuous improvement of product quality

Through a structured process of ongoing quality improvement, CDPQ supports the industry in its objectives of reducing the costs brought about by a level of non-compliant quality.

Some of our achievements in this area
  • Implementation of a system of quality management at the slaughterhouse
    • skin defects
    • tattooing
    • fasting
  • Implementation of a plan for improving pork technological and sensory quality
  • Development of a system for measuring the texture and drip loss of the meat

Taking measurements of meat quality

CDPQ has developed a considerable skillset concerning the taking of various measurements related to meat quality. This expertise is used to monitor the changing needs of the market and comply with the new specifications for pork.

Some of our achievements in this area 
  • Quality measurements as part of the different tests taking place in the Deschambault Research Station
  • Quality measurements conducted with different organizations as part of private tests
  • Participation in the project, "Defining Carcass and Meat Quality Standards for Canadian Pork": taking quality measurements, validating new technologies and developing new quality standards (Canadian chart for meat color and marbling)
  • Ongoing participation in development and improvement of the various quality measurements
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