Documentation centre’s collection

The documentation centre's collection is accessible to all industry stakeholders.
The list of available documents is presented according to title, in alphabetical order: Document loan policy

The Centre du développement du porc du Québec inc. (CDPQ) offers a free document loan service according to the following policy:
  • Maximum of three documents at a time for a period of one month;
  • Late returns: Late fees may apply. However, it is possible to renew the loan if the document is not reserved; please contact us.
  • Postage: Postage fees are paid by CDPQ at the time of shipment and by the borrower on return;
  • Loss of a document: The borrower must pay the cost of replacing the document to which an administrative fee of $10 will be added.
For all inquiries, please contact
Johanne Nadeau, documentaliste