Men$uel PORC and Value of livestock inventories

The Centre de développement du porc du Québec inc. (CDPQ) offers its subscribers Men$uel PORC. This bulletin presents updated findings from La Financière agricole du Québec (Québec Agricultural Financing Agency) (FADQ) on the cost of production, based on the survey by the Centre d’études du coût de production en agriculture (CECPA).The model represents a commercial farrow-to-finish operation and each of its farrowing and finishing units. Each month producers, as well as stakeholders, can follow the situation of production costs and market prices.

Always calculated using base data from the FADQ model, Men$uel PORC also has a section on the value of livestock inventories. By updating data, subscribers can monitor month by month the inventory value for their operation or that of their client by category of animals.

Men$uel PORC also provides detailed tables of all indices from the FADQ model: 1 - for the farrow-to-finish operation, and 2 - for its farrowing and finishing units. 

In short, the aim of Men$uel PORC is to measure stabilized income, market income and the estimated amount of compensation on a monthly basis.

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