Development of communication tools for taking ultrasound measurements in cattle


Features - Bovins du Québec, October 2018 (French)
Final Report (French)
Video (in French)
Ultrasound measurements in beef cattle (9:15)

Meat Quality and Technical Services

Aim / objectives:
Develop a communication tool that demonstrates and explains how ultrasound measurements in cattle are taken.
  • Present in detail ultrasound measurement techniques used for purebred cattle;
  • Conduct two interviews with producers of feeder calves and feeder cattle;
  • Prepare a demonstration video that includes elements on how the data may be used;
  • Ensure the diffusion of information.

Advisor of the Bovi-Expert Group and producers
Project Manager:
Marie-Pierre Fortier
CDPQ Team:
Germain Blouin, Raymond Deshaies et Mélanie Poulin