Development agent to promote concertation through the coordination of the work of the research, development and technological transfer (RDT) committee of the porcine sector



Research and Development

Aim / objectives:
Optimize networking between all links of the pig sector and the scientific community chain by ensuring better coordination of the work of the stakeholders involved, both public and private, as well as better complementarity of actions. The resulting actions must be consistent with those that were targeted in the strategic plan for the sector 2015-2020.
To achieve this, the development agent will, among other things:
  1. Plan and organize meetings;
  2. Write and analyze various documents;
  3. Participate in scheduled meetings;
  4. Coordinate various activities.

Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec, Centres de recherche, universités et compagnies privées impliquées dans le secteur porcin.
Project Cost:
Funding Partners:
Financial support for this project has been provided through the Programme de développement sectoriel within the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, an agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec, les membres du Comité RDT and le Centre de développement du porc du Québec inc. (CDPQ).
January 2019 to February 2021
Project Manager:
Renée Caron
CDPQ Team:
Jacques Faucher, Frédéric Fortin and Nathalie Plourde