Comparison of zootechnic performances and identification of best breeding practices according to the feeding system for group-housed sows in the Quebec context



Building and livestock management

Aim / objectives:
The first objective of the project is to compile and compare the zootechnical performances of farms whose sows are housed in groups according to the type of feeding system used.
The second objective is to carry out audits in the best farms of each type of feeding system and to note the farm layouts and the exemplary working techniques used.
The third objective of the project is to encourage the dissemination of the information collected in order to better prepare farmers for their transition, to help producers who have already made the transition to review their practices and to target the elements of workforce training for working with group-housed sows.

Producteurs de porc
Project Cost:
Funding Partners:
Financial support for this project has been provided through the Programme de développement sectoriel within the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, an agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec, des producteurs de porc and le Centre de développement du porc du Québec (CDPQ).
July 2019 to April 2021
Project Manager:
Sébastien Turcotte
CDPQ Team:
Patrick Gagnon et chargé de projets