Determination of the factors that promote sustainable use of water and measuring the use of water in Quebec pig productions



Building and livestock management

Aim / objectives:
Promoting the sustainable use of water to improve the environmental impacts of Quebec pork productions.

More specifically:
  1. Measure water consumption in Quebec pig productions to have benchmark data that will allow breeders to compare themselves;
  2. Determine the factors that influence water consumption and their relative importance;
  3. Quantify the financial and environmental gains from monitoring water consumption (e.g. early detection of health problems, reduction in the spreading of manure, reduction in water consumption);
  4. Educate breeders about the importance of knowing their level of water consumption in order to achieve optimal management and the elements to take into account to achieve this.

Julie Moreau-Richard et les membres du Comité environnement et cohabitation (Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec), producteurs participants et vétérinaires.
Project Cost:
Funding Partners:
Financial support for this project has been provided through the Programme de développement sectoriel within the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, an agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec, les producteurs participants, Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec and le Centre de développement du porc du Québec.
December 2019 to December 2021
Project Manager:
Sébastien Turcotte
CDPQ Team:
Patrick Gagnon, Geneviève Berthiaume, conseiller techniques, chargé de projet