Innovative Biocontainment Concept With Air Filtration at the Exhaust Fans in a Quarantine Facility: Combination of Proven Technologies to Reduce Filter Clogging Rate


Feature - Porc Québec magazine - September 2013 (French)
Final report
Results – Biocontainment in a quarantine facility
Information sheet - Concept and Results
Information sheet – Protocols and Biosecurity

Building and livestock management

Aim / objectives:

Test an innovative bio-containment system suitable for a swine quarantine unit to prevent the airborne spread of virus in the event of infection by pathogens and test technologies that could reduce to an acceptable level the rate of clogging on the pre-filter and antimicrobial filters installed upstream from the fan output.

Project Manager:
Denys Choinière; Claude Robitaille
CDPQ Team:
Francis Pouliot; Marie-Aude Ricard; Joël Rivest; Valérie Dufour; Michel Morin