Minimizing the Risks of Infection in Canadian Swine Buildings with Air Filtration Systems


Feature - Porc Québec magazine (French)
Literature Review - Air Filtration in Swine Barns, Overview of the current situation
Fact sheet - Air Filtration in Swine Barns (summary)
Fact sheet – Economics
Fact sheet - Analysis of Findings and Recommendations (done during audits)
Minimum Standards for Swine Buildings with Air Filtration – Engineering and Biosecurity
Checklist - Engineering and Biosecurity Aspects
Report - Evaluation of Pre-filter and Filter Performance, using a Test Bench
Power Point Presentation

Building and livestock management | Health and biosecurity

Aim / objectives:
Considering that certain Canadian and U.S. farms were infected even though they were with a filtered air system, the project seeks to bring about multidisciplinary activities that provide information about the state of affairs in the field of swine buildings with filtered air in Canada. In addition, it will identify key causation factors and disseminate this information within the industry, together with technical, technological and biosecurity improvements that should be implemented to further minimize the risk of airborne transmission of PRRSV infection and that of other pathogens.

Project Manager:
Francis Pouliot
CDPQ Team:
Valérie Dufour; Marie-Aude Ricard; Michel Morin