• Assessment of conformation of breeding animals*
  • Evaluation of the genetic potential of the swine at the research station
  • Genetic evaluation and performance monitoring*
  • Mating plans for breeding stock*
  • Screening for the halothane stress gene
  • Study on strategies for genetic improvement of livestock*
  • Development and writing of content specialised in genetics in various animal species (French and English) ** Services available for animal species other than pigs
*Services available for animal species other than swine

Genetic evaluation of purebred pigs (PEG) program

This program (only available in French) allows breeders in Quebec wanting to specialize in the production of breeding stock (breeders and multipliers) to improve the genetic potential of purebred animals and produce superior breeding stock. The basis of this program is that farmers who are members of the PEG (genetic evaluation program) can count on measurements form certified technicians, have access to genetic expertise, technical support as well as a national database.

For more than 30 years, PEG has enabled farmers to reduce back fat in pork by nearly 8 mm, in response to consumer demand. Nowadays, the increasingly present issue of product differentiation arouses a particular interest in meat quality traits such as marbling.

In a highly competitive business context, the program aims to further improve other economically important traits such as growth traits, feed conversion and maternal traits.

List of participating breeders in 2018-2019 (French)

For more information, please contact: 
Frédéric Fortin, M.Sc., Agr.
418-650-2440, ext. 4310