Banff Pork Seminar - Posters availables

Banff, January 20-22 2015
CDPQ was very well represented in the poster session at this year's Banff Pork Seminar.
Here are the posters that were presented:

Cloutier, L., Berthiaume, G., Rivest, J. and M. Morin (on-site presenter). 2015. Effect of a precision feeding strategy applied to groups of pigs in a commercial setting.

Morin, M., Berthiaume, G., Rivest, J., Cloutier, L., Fortin, F., Allard, Y. and L. Maignel. 2015. Technical and economic study on heavier market pigs (140 kg).

Rivest, J., Labrecque, J., Roy, M., Ricard, M.A. Turcotte, S. and F. Fortin. 2015. System for measuring the water consumption of individual grow-to-finish pigs at the Deschambault Swine Testing Station.