The CDPQ participates in the Swine Research days in Paris

Paris, February 6-7, 2018
The 50th Swine Research days (JRP) were held this year, coorganized by the IFIP and INRA. This annual conference, involving all actors of the swine research and development industry, was held on February 6th and 7th, in Paris.
Our senior manager in data analysis and evaluation, Patrick Gagnon, was there to present the results from a research project conducted at the Deschambault swine station about individual water consumption in growing hogs. As a part of this project, average daily water consumption was analysed as a potential predictor of feed intake, growth speed, nutritional conversion and health problems.

To learn more on this research project, consult the Abstract JRP or the Powerpoint presentation (In french).

Collaboration on other projects presented during the Swine Research Days

Other specialists from the CDPQ, Frédéric Fortin, Senior Manager in Genetics, and Laetitia Cloutier, Senior Manager in Nutrition, also collaborated to two research projects presented during the event:
  • Comparison of performances of commercial pigs sired by boars with low or high potential for boar taint issues, Laurence Maignel, Frédéric Fortin, Patrick Gagnon, Mohsen Jafarikia, James Squires, Brian Sullivan
  • Development of a decision support tool for precision feeding of pregnant sows, Jean-Yves Dourmad, Patrick Gagnon, Ludovic Brossard, Candido Pomar, Laetitia Cloutier