The $imul–PRRS spreadsheet aims to provide an estimate of the financial impact of PRRS on farms in a specific zone. The targeted users are the PRRS Area Regional Control and Elimination (ARC&E) committees.
To assist the committees in their examination and implementation of the AREA plan, this tool offers:
  • an estimate of the financial impact of PRRS on the AREA zone, using either provincial or national benchmarks, or data from the zone itself
  • a cost-benefit estimate of using certain control or eradication measures in the zone
  • an estimate of the minimum success rate needed to attain profitability.
Users should first download the spreadsheet.
To calculate the estimate, be sure to fill out all green cells. Default data is provided.


The $imul–PRRS spreadsheet was designed by Michel Morin, agr.

Herd performances and PRRS impacts (both moderate and severe) are extracted from information gathered on more than 200 production sites (maternity, nursery and finishing barns) involved in ARC&E projects in Canada. The study was carried out in three provinces (Alberta, Ontario and Quebec) in 2012-13.
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This project is an initiative of the Canadian Swine Health Board and the National PRRS Control and Elimination Leadership Project Coordination of the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians. Funding was made possible through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. It was elaborated by CDPQ.