Evaluation of equipment for ultrasound measurements in live animals - The results!

November 15, 2018
Ultrasound technology is widely used in breeding programs to measure backfat thickness, muscle depth, and intramuscular fat level of pork loin. It is also used by several breeders to perform pregnancy tests and to measure sow’s body condition.
However, the development of ultrasound technology has been rapid in recent years and several choices of devices are currently available, both for research purposes and for use in commercial settings. The decision to acquire one model rather than another deserves to be thought through to ensure an informed choice based on needs.
Our team, in collaboration with the Canadian Center for Swine Improvement (CCSI) and Moporc Inc.  developed a project to test the different devices available. The main objectives of this project were:
Identify devices demonstrating the best potential for taking ultrasound measurements;
  • Evaluate selected devices on animals under experimental research conditions;
  • Develop expertise and data to act as a reference for the pig, sheep, beef, and other sectors;
  • Evaluate the ease of adoption by stakeholders.
To see the results of this project, click here. (Documents in French only)
Datasheets summarizing the specifications of each of the ultrasonic devices tested are also available.