Influence of the layout of growing-finishing units with sorting scales for large groups on pig behaviour and performance

November 15, 2018
Livestock farming methods are evolving rapidly (e.g. heavier finisher pigs, scarce labor, and emphasis on animal welfare) and many farmers are questioning the use of sorting scales for management purposes of pigs in large groups in their finishing phase to replace conventional pens. This type of management must be planned because it requires some alterations with regard to the building layout and the work methods of the producer.
In addition, although developed to facilitate work and improve pig tracking in finisher pigs, the installation of new equipment invariably raises the question:
What is the impact on the performance of my pigs?
In order to answer this question, our team conducted a trial on a commercial farm, as well as a survey of producers currently using or having used the sorting scales. Want to know more? A summary sheet and the full project report are available by clicking here.
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