News from the Quebec swine industry’s RDT committee

October 15, 2018
Since its creation, members of the Research, Development and Transfer Committee, named RDT Committee, have met regularly.
This committee is composed of 15 members from all sectors of the Quebec swine industry, and its mission is to improve the effectiveness of swine RDT in Quebec. The committee uses the diagnosis presented at the RDT Forum on swine production, held on September 27, 2017, to direct its work.

The main topics and projects that are currently discussed are the following:
  • A research, development and training maternity barn construction project
  • Better networking in research and development activities in Quebec, in the public and private sectors of the swine industry
  • Identification of research, development and innovation priorities for the Quebec swine industry
  • Financial support for the RDT Committee
Two meetings are planned this fall.

To learn more about each of these topics, click here (in French) to view the latest public message submitted by the RDT Committee.

For more information on the RDT Committee on consult the latest public message, click here.