Orientations In Research And Training

Dedicated to research and development (R&D) and the training of the next generation, our maternity unit has a herd of 600 productive sows led in batches every 4 weeks.

A partnership with the Centre de services scolaire de la Côte-du-Sud provides an optimal environment for the students of the Centre de formation agricole Saint-Anselme, in order to train a qualified workforce.

Innovative R&D projects will be carried out continuously, in collaboration with various research institutions (e.g. researchers and university students) and private organizations, in order to:
  • Minimize the impacts of animal production on the environment by optimizing the use of resources (e.g., energy, water, food, etc.)
  • Promote the welfare of animals and breeders​
  • Optimize production costs in order to promote the competitiveness of the Quebec pork industry
  • Develop and/or validate innovative techniques, technologies and knowledge
  • Develop and/or validate solutions with regard to the labor shortage
R & D areas of expertise

An experienced research and development team is present on the farm to carry out the projects. Our main fields of expertise are:
  • Precision feeding
  • Data collection and processing and artificial intelligence
  • Ambient conditions, equipment, and environment
  • Precision reproduction
Current projects

Currently, three projects are in progress:
  • Impact of precision feeding and the “bump feeding” strategy during gestation on performance, productivity and longevity of sows
  • Technical-economic study and development of a decision-making tool related to the area of farrowing pens and new elevator pens in Quebec’s swine context
  • Optimization of environmental conditions in a positive pressure ventilated pig maternity unit