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Subject Area:

Project 183 • Completed
Building and livestock management | Health and biosecurity

Development of a technical guide for the installation and use of air filtration systems in swine barns
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Project 182 • Completed
Management and Economics | Health and biosecurity

Creation of a guide to develop a multidisciplinary analysis for implementing optimal interventions regarding health and biosecurity in pork institutions
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Project 181 • Completed

Evaluate the potential of genomics to improve swine genetics
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Project 180 • Completed
Building and livestock management

Evaluation of the effectiveness of Noveko air filters for reduction or prevention of airborne transmission of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV): tests conducted on used filters of different ages
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Project 179 • Completed
Genetics | Feeding and animal nutrition | Meat Quality and Technical Services

Study of muscular determinants responsible for the sensory and technical quality of pork from 3 genetic types, 2 food regimes and different breeding times
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Project 178 • Completed
Building and livestock management | Animal Well-Being

Evaluate different strategies for controlling ambient temperature in swine finishing units to optimize zootechnical performances, reduce energy consumption and lower gas emissions
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Project 177 • Completed
Feeding and animal nutrition

Implementation of a program of multidisciplinary actions to lessen the impacts of mycotoxin contamination of grain on swine
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Project 176 • Completed
Research and Development

Development of a strategic plan for the creation of a virtual pan-Canadian innovation center for the implementation of swine expertise clusters
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Project 175 • Completed
Health and biosecurity | Meat Quality and Technical Services

Assessment of the benefits derived from producing uncastrated boars that have received IMPROVAC® and been raised according to Canadian standards (Quebec)
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Project 174 • Completed
Meat Quality and Technical Services

Evaluation of measurements of the texture and water retention capacity of fresh pork
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