Techno-economic evaluation of an in situ system of liquid-solid separation of manure in a swine barn and its environmental impacts


Report on Phase I - 2004 (French)
Final report 2007 (French)
Data Sheet - 2007 (French)
Report on Phase II - 2006 (French)
Features - Porc Québec, August 2007 (French)
Features - Porc Québec, June 2006 (French)

Building and livestock management | Management and Economics

Aim / objectives:
The main objective of the project is to evaluate and adapt an approach to manure management underneath the animals to facilitate the handling, processing and recycling of solid and liquid phases separately.

Project Manager:
Francis Pouliot; Stéphane Godbout (IRDA)
CDPQ Team:
Réjean Leblanc; Robert Fillion; Joël Rivest