Development and Evaluation of Innovative Technologies for Measuring Traits of Economic Importance for the Swine Sector


Fact sheet - Animal behaviour (French)
Fact sheet - Infrared cameras (French)
Fact sheet - Measurement of water consumption per animal (French)
Fact sheet - Weight prediction by camera-based weighing system (digital image analysis) (French)
Final report (French)
Video - Watering system (4:02) (French)

Building and livestock management | Genetics | Feeding and animal nutrition

Aim / objectives:
Develop and evaluate the potential application of new technologies in Quebec swine farming operations to improve their profitability.

Project Manager:
Frédéric Fortin
CDPQ Team:
Jacquelin Labrecque; Marie-Aude Ricard; Israël Michaud; Joël Rivest; Richard Mailhot; Mélanie Roy