Evaluation of a multiphase feeding by automated feeder strategy in a commercial swine operation


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Management and Economics | Feeding and animal nutrition

Aim / objectives:
Validation in a commercial swine operation of the potential savings generated by using multiphase feeding by automated feeder; the batch of pigs to be distributed initially according to weight and sex, for one grow-to-finish period.
  • Measure and compare the zootechnical performances of pigs fed by the multiphase feeder system to those of pigs fed according to a conventional four-phase feeding program during the grow-to-finish period;
  • Calculate at maturity the impact of these strategies on the pig feeding costs;
  • Validate the economic potential of this alternative to individualized precision feeding.

Project Manager:
Laetitia Cloutier
CDPQ Team:
Valérie Dufour; Joël Rivest; Éric Ouellette; Economist