Training on climate change adaptation and GHG reduction in pig production


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Building and livestock management

Aim / objectives:
Develop training material for pig production advisors related to adaptation to climate change and reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and make this material available autonomously (asynchronous and self-supporting).

CDAQ; Conseillers experts en régie (Shur-Gain, Sollio, Groupe Céres, Évolu-Porc); EQSP; Les Éleveurs de porc du Québec; Ouranos; IRDA; Université Laval; VIA
Funding Partners:
This project is funded under the Support Program for the fight against climate change in agriculture, stemming from the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan, CDAQ, Conseillers experts en régie (Shur-Gain, Sollio, Groupe Céres, Évolu-Porc), Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec, l’ESPQ, l’IRDA, Ouranos, l’Université Laval, VIA and le Centre de développement du Porc du Québec.
February 2021 to June 2022
Project Manager:
Sébastien Turcotte
CDPQ Team:
Francis Pouliot; Laetitia Cloutier; Marie-Aude Ricard