Knowledge Transfer

This section of the site features articles, videos, and fact sheets from knowledge transfer projects that aim to increase the speed of adoption of newly developed technologies and management strategies by the main users: Canadian hog producers.

Several topics are discussed, some in connection with the management of group-housed sows (laying areas, environmental enrichment strategies, etc.) or concerning on-farm best management practices (e.g. water management, audits carried out on various topics such as biosecurity, washing procedures, safety and training, etc.). This section of the website is organised in order to facilitate access to information for each theme/subject discussed.
Many hog producers and organizations relating to the swine industry across Canada were involved and agreed to implement new technologies and management strategies within their business, which allowed us to collect the data currently available. The active participation of various partners is essential in improving our understanding of the processes and challenges involved in adopting and using new technologies and management strategies. This information, which is then communicated to the entire Canadian pork industry, contributes to the competitiveness of the whole industry.
The information available in this section were made possible by Swine Innovation Porc within the Swine Cluster 2: Driving Results Through Innovation research program. Funding was provided by Agriculture and AgriFood Canada through the Agri-Innovation Program, provincial producer organizations and industry partners. We would also like to thank the Canadian pork producers who participated in many of our projects.