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Summary: This video clip contains testimonials from pig producers who participated in a project to enrich the living space of gestating sows housed in groups. Six farms across Canada participated in this project and three different enrichment items were installed in the sow pens (Photos 1 to 6):
  • A chain suspended from the ceiling, the end of which is approximately 10 cm (4 in.) above the floor (Photos 2 et 3);
  • A piece of wood suspended by a chain, set at a height of 81 to 91 cm (32-36 in.) above the floor (Photos 4 and 5). The height corresponds to the average height of a trough, about the height of a sow’s nose;
  • A Porcichew toy (ring of aromatic plastic), suspended by a chain, fixed at a height of 81 to 91 cm (32-36 inches) above the floor (Photo 2). The height corresponds to the average height of a drinking trough, about the height of a sow’s nose (photo 6).
We would like to thank the following Canadian hog producers who participated in this project:
  • M. John Van Engelen, Hog Tied Farms
  • M. Geert Geene, Amberley Bacon Company
  • M. Tom Kennelly, Sunhaven Farms
  • Mme Christine Marcotte, Ferme Sainte-Catherine
  • M. Francis Veilleux, Ferme porcine L.V.
  • M. Ken Waldner, Matador Colony

Photo 1: The three enrichment items installed in the same pen at the Amberley Bacon Company farm (chain, Porcichew and piece of wood).

Photo 2: Chain anchored in the ceiling

Photo 3: Sow playing with the chain

Photo 4: Installation of the piece of wood, fixed on a chain

Photo 5: Sows playing with the piece of wood

Photo 6 : Porcichew 

For more informations : Acknowledgments:
This project was funded by Swine Innovation Porc within the Swine Cluster 2: Driving Results Through Innovation research program. Funding was provided by Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada through the AgriInnovation Program, provincial producer organizations and industry partners.