The transportation of live pigs is an important step in pig production and several issues are associated with it. On-farm biosecurity is, of course, a major concern, but specific knowledge is also required to ensure the smooth running of operations when handling pigs.

The « Transportation Wiki » site was created to consolidate and centralize any available information on concepts, knowledge and programs related to the transportation of live pigs in Quebec. The information is sorted in order to facilitate searches according to your needs. Here are some topics available:
  • Transportation-related biosecurity (e.g. online training courses for companies, fact sheets on washing, etc.)
  • Biosecurity Audit Program for Pork Transportation Companies (2018)
  • Concepts related to animal welfare (handling, transport, installations) in the form of videos and fact sheets
  • Accessible training sessions for TQA certification (Transport Quality Assurance) given by the CDPQ
To access the « Transportation Wiki » site, follow the link below. (In French only)