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Subject Area:

Project 133 • Completed
Building and livestock management | Feeding and animal nutrition

Current status of deep-litter housing systems and their development prospects
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Project 132 • Completed
Health and biosecurity

Validation of using the PCR technique on boar semen as a diagnostic tool for monitoring PRRS status of artificial insemination centers in Quebec
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Project 129 • Completed
Management and Economics | Feeding and animal nutrition

Comparison of methods for determining lysine requirements and assessment of the zootechnical, economic and environmental impacts in heavy-weight finisher pigs
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Project 128 • Completed
Building and livestock management | Management and Economics

Techno-economic evaluation of an in situ system of liquid-solid separation of manure in a swine barn and its environmental impacts
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Project 127 • Completed
Public health

Finalization of a process of setting up and monitoring of swine production sites in a context of social acceptance and harmonious coexistence adapted to the situation in Quebec
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Project 126 • Completed
Management and Economics

Pilot project for the possible creation of a permanent observatory to monitor margins in the swine sector
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Project 125 • Completed
Meat Quality and Technical Services

Assess the impacts of the growth rate and slaughter weight of commercial animals on performances, carcass and meat quality, and on the organoleptic properties of pork meat
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Project 124 • Completed
Health and biosecurity

Literature review and technical and scientific monitoring of the impact assessment of the non-use of antibiotics as growth promoters
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Project 123 • Completed
Management and Economics | Public health | Meat Quality and Technical Services

Portrait of trade and regulatory food safety requirements worldwide for the export of pork meat
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Project 122 • Completed
Feeding and animal nutrition | Meat Quality and Technical Services

Screening and interventions for problems related to pre-slaughter feed withdrawal for hogs
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