Development of training materials and information on gestating sows housed in groups


Training Manual
Information Sheet - Floor feeding system (In French)
Information Sheet - Free-access feeding system with partial (shoulder) stalls (In French)
Information Sheet - Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) automated feeding system (In French)
Information Sheet - Automated (ESF) feeding system with self-locking stalls (In French)
PowerPoint presentation - Different feeding systems for sows housed in groups (In French)
Barn layouts (plans) according to different systems (In French)

Building and livestock management

Aim / objectives:
Develop training materials to keep Quebec swine producers and industry stakeholders updated on housing gestating (pregnant) sows in groups: 
  • Have European and Canadian experts partner in creating the deliverables;
  • Draw on the European experience and their expertise to accelerate the transfer of technology related to gestating sows housed in groups.
Carry out two pilot training sessions (Quebec City and Saint-Hyacinthe areas) to disseminate the developed materials.

Project Manager:
Sébastien Turcotte
CDPQ Team:
Valérie Dufour; Marie-Aude Ricard; Agricultural Economist