Evaluating the impact of different drinking equipment on water waste, growth performance, and the drinking behavior of growing/finishing pigs


Features - Porc Québec, December 2018 (in French)
Power Point Presentation (in French)
Fact sheet (in French)
Final report (in French)

Building and livestock management

Aim / objectives:
  • Evaluate the impact of six different drinking systems on water waste and growth performance in growing/finishing pigs. 
    Measure the percentage of water wasted by each system according to the age of the animal and environmental conditions;
  • Evaluate the impact of the type of drinking equipment on the growth performance of pigs (ADG);
  • Evaluate the drinking behavior of pigs according to the type of drinking equipment and environmental conditions;
  • Demonstrate the environmental and economic impact of reducing water waste.

Stéphane Godbout, PhD., and Frédéric Pelletier, Institut de recherche et de développement en agroenvironnement (IRDA) ; Jacquelin Labrecque and Farm Laborer, Ferme AGR Labrecque.
Project Manager:
Sébastien Turcotte
CDPQ Team:
Jean-Gabriel Turgeon; Mélanie Poulin; Patrick Gagnon; Agricultural Economist; technical team.