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Province-wide swine health monitoring (VSP) is a structured approach that facilitates the collection, compilation and systematic analysis of data, together with rapid circulation of information to all those involved in the approaches to PRRS control. 

The CDPQ Health and Biosecurity team collects, processes and transfers various data necessary for the design and distribution of decision support tools. To do this, a CDPQ interprofessional team has developed a software; the Health Monitoring Tool (OVS). This tool facilitates the sharing of site identification data and basic health data concerning PRRS. To learn more about data sharing rules, click here.

Difference between the VSP and the OVS

  • The swine health monitoring tool (OVS) developed by CDPQ, is the technological component that handles management of the data from hundreds of producers and production of the information on PRRS required by producers and stakeholders involved in the province-wide health surveillance efforts. It is the tool that manages all the information gathered by the VSP.
  • The swine health monitoring tool provides access to the health risk status of each production facility with regard to the spread of wild strains of this virus in the immediate vicinity. In addition, the systematic collection of health status data helps in drawing up regional and province-wide portraits.
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A Wiki website entirely dedicated to province-wide health monitoring was created to gather as much information as possible on the notions, knowledge and programs on the subject. For example, you will find the following information:
  • Financial aid available
  • Description of the role and services offered by the partner organizations
  • Information on developments in this provincial initiative
This website is available here.

VSP Coordinator at CDPQ: Christian Klopfenstein, CDPQ