Privacy policy

The CDPQ is committed to protecting the online privacy of all users of this website.
Personal information, (user name, phone number, email and postal address) is collected only when the user provides it voluntarily. In such cases, we use the information only for specific purposes (e.g. sending information to subscribers to a newsletter).
No personal information provided by users of this website is captured automatically. Certain non-personal user information may be collected, such as details of the ISP or the operating system name, the amount of time the site was accessed and the nature of the requests made. This site uses cookies, i.e. small pieces of data sent to the user's browser and saved on their hard drive. The information collected is used to improve the users' online experience and to inform CDPQ as to the number of visitors to its website. The only ones to receive the data are authorized CDPQ staff and the specialized service providers that CDPQ may use for data analysis.
We advise users that the latest versions of major browsers let them not only block the storing of cookies, but also carry out browsing sessions at the end of which all session cookies are automatically deleted, regardless of their expected lifetime, thereby providing better protection against tracking. They now have tools to manage cookies including: 
  • blocking/disabling third party cookies, i.e. those that are displayed by a site other than the one displaying the main content
  • creating black lists of the websites for which they have to block cookies
The practices described in this statement on the protection of personal information are specific to the CDPQ website. Sites of other organizations to which links lead, may apply other criteria and users who visit these sites are advised to review the regulations governing them.